New Book!

It’s almost out. Been a while coming (why????) but the release date for ‘Distant Cousins’ is September 1st – I have some advance copies which I shall send out to reviewers as soon as I can stop gazing at them and stroking them lovingly. The cover artwork is great – thank you again Sue for making such a fab job of this. Everyone who’s seen it so far has commented on one particular aspect of the cover – I won’t spoil it for you but this is guaranteed to take anyone ‘of a certain age’ back to their teenage years… And it’s relevant to the plot – no window dressing here!

So why has it taken so long? I really don’t know, a mixture of sloth and indecision I suppose. Plus sunny days (can’t stay in), cold days (need to be active to keep warm), wet days (too miserable for the muse), holidays (need I say more?) – I guess I’m just not self-disciplined. Give me a deadline to work to and I’m your woman, but left to my own devices I’m just too easily distracted.

Anyway, the book-signing is going to be on Sunday October 12th, and invitations will be going out just as soon as I get round to doing them. Which I had planned to do today, but then the sun came out and stayed out – and so did I! My ‘to do’ list just keeps getting longer and the paper is now so dogeared I might have to write it all out again on a fresh piece. Oh dear.

I just hope the people who enjoyed ‘The Generation Club’ will think that ‘Distant Cousins’ has been worth the wait…



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