Had a great day on Saturdayannette-book-signing at my book-signing! Dreadful weather but around 55 hardy souls turned out, enjoyed the music and bought both books and jewellery (my launch buddy Linda was hosting the event and had her jewellery studio open).

The book (Distant Cousins) is dedicated to all my cousins. In my mind’s eye I was imagining a group photo, me surrounded by a whole bunch of them… In the end only two of them made it, most of the rest having left the country on their holidays – thereby making the title of the book strangely prophetic! October maybe not a great month for a book signing? But many friends from far and near turned up, some I hadn’t seen literally for years. Really great of them to come along and support me, and it was a lovely opportunity to catch up on their news.

Almost everything went as well as I’d hoped: we had enough wine, snacks and books, and people arrived at nicely spaced out intervals throughout the afternoon so there was never a crush.

But guess what? My pen ran out on the second book!!

Memo to self for future events: take a new pen and a back-up… Luckily my dear friend Lyn was swiftly at my side with a battered Bic, which saw me through the rest of the day.

Lots of people asked how the next book is progressing – oh dear, only a couple of mini-ideas struggling to stand to attention at the moment. I’ve got a week away in Cyprus now, maybe Aphrodite will give me a hand…


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