New Year, New Beginnings

Take a slightly wobbly idea, a brand new Christmas notebook and the memory of a picture seen long ago, marinate for what seems like forever, season liberally, stir it all up and then heat through until the beginnings of a new book emerge…

It’s taken me a long time to get to this point but I now have something I think I can run with. Hooray! The characters are starting to feel like real people and I can see them moving around now in the locations I have planned for them. OK, there are going to be plot issues that I’ll have to resolve, but now that I’ve started writing I’ve got something to work on. And it feels good.

Spooky thing: I needed a song from a particular year for the introduction and Googled Wiki for a list, then dithered about trying to decide on one. In the end I picked a title and wrote it in. Later that same day I met a friend for lunch and was amazed to hear the very same song playing  – and it’s not one you hear often. I took this to be a Good Omen, and it gave me a huge lift. I’ve been singing it ever since…


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